Smokekid, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

About Us

Smokekid for instant cold and hot smoking

About us

Smokekid was founded in 2014. The idea for our organization and products has been inspired by cooks and established in collaboration with Belgian and Dutch cooking enthusiasts. Our first models have been tested and improved with the help of different users.

Smokekid for instant cold and hot smoking develops new concepts for smoking food and adds a new dimension to cooking which is affordable for everyone . We do this with cutting-edge products, special recipes and interesting activities.

Since the beginning of 2015 we have been based/established in Amstelveen near the WTC.

In our assortment you will find products that make instant smoking and hot smoking easily accessible. You can add something extra to your own dishes, cook like a professional and surprise your guests.

We supply the Smokekid, the Smoketube, Smoketorch and different types of Smokechips (e.g. oak, beech, ash, apple and cherry)

Smokekid always works with certified suppliers.

The Smokekid

The Smokekid gives a subtle smoky flavour to dishes and cocktals. Instant smoking makes smoking in your house and kitchen possible so you are not dependent on the weather or your barbeque.


The Smoketube

The Smoketube combines barbecuing or grilling with smoking so that the products get an authentic smoke flavour that you will not normally get with gas, briquettes or charcoal.



Our Smokechips are made from specially selected woods, which are a by-product of sawmill leftovers and for which no trees are specifically cut down. The smokewood has been specially dried with 8-10% moisture. This makes it economical to use. It contains no harmful fungi or other harmful substances and is therefore well suited for smoking your food. The wood is certified for renewable energy and the FSC label.

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