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Blog Guidelines

Blog Guidelines

This article gives the Guidelines for Content Blogs allowed and disallowed on this site.

Article 1. Vistors and Content.

1.1. The registered visitor is allowed to post blog content on the site.

1.2. Smokekid determines what is prohibited and will be deleted. Smokekid is entitled, at its sole discretion, to remove customers who have posted prohibited content.


Discriminatory, hurtful, offensive or pornographic content.
Content Blogs citing or inducing violence.
Content that violates any law, rule, regulation or agreement which is made in these disclaimers/conditions.
Content that leads to or is the result of exploitation or abuse of others .
Content that violates the privacy or rights of third parties or Smokekid.
Content that incites illegal behavior.
Spam, unjustly commercial behavior and other illegal online behavior • images of people without their consent content aimed to propagate a political or religious statement.

Article 2. intellectual property.

2.1. The visitor expressly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights of displayed information, images, communications or other expressions concerning the products and/or with regard to the website are the property of Smokekid.

Article 3. Users.

3.1. Did you find errors in links or have complaints about other users, please report this.
3.2. Smokekid is not responsible and liable for comments delivered on people, brands, websites and other legal entities. On request, Smokekid may consider removing insulting, unacceptable or discriminatory texts.
3.3. Users who misbehave can at any time be refused and removed from the website of Smokekid.

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