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Cold and Hot Smoking

Cold and Hot Smoking.

Smoking is one of the oldest ways to preserve food. There are two basic methods to smoke foods, at a low temperature for a long time, and shorter at a higher temperature: cold and hot smoking.

Cold Smoking is basically adding flavor to the food of your choice by exposing it to smoke. Hot Smoking is a way of adding flavor to the food in question and cooking it at the same time. Today, most ready-to-eat products are not really smoked, but a smokey aroma or condensed smoke is added.

• Cold Smoking is at a temperature below 28 degrees. With cold smoking the product is not directly in contact with the heat source or the heat generated. It is not intended to cook the product, but is meant to give it a certain smoked flavour. Cold Smoking can take 3-24 hours. (Salmon is slightly smoked after 3 hours and fully after 20 hours. When cold smoking, meats should be fully cured (salted) and temperatures should be within 20-28 degrees Celsius. Cold Smoking does not cook food.
• Temperatures for Hot Smoking range from 65 and 135 degrees; Fish is usually smoked at a temperature between 65 and 75 Celsius and meat at a higher temperature, between 95 and 135 Celsius. So it adds a smoky flavour while the product is also cooked.

Cold and Hot Smoking with the Smokekid and the Smoketube.

Instant Cold Smoking is done with The Smokekid.

You add a measured subtle smoky flavour to your dishes, so getting something extra, because you smoke the products before or after you prepare the dish.

With The Smokekid you even can smoke food at the table together with your dinner guests. As a bartender, you can smoke your cocktails at the bar, add smoke to water and make smokey ice cubes.

Hot smoking of course can be done in a smoker oven, but you can easily BBQ or grill (with a hood) in combination with The Smoketube. When smoking, it is important to ensure that the product reaches a safe core temperature. To measure the core temperature you can use a thermometer. Please find below a table of ideal core temperatures.


Beef very rare bleu 45-50
rare saignant 50-58
medium à point 58-65
well done bien cuit 65 >>
Lamb medium rare Rosé  58-62
medium à Point 62-64
Pork medium à Point 60-65
well done bien cuit 65>>
Game rare à point 58-65
medium bien cuit 65>>
Poultry medium bien cuit 78>>
Fish medium nacre 52-56
well done bien cuit 56>>

To make it easy for you to get ideas and recipes for instant cold and hot smoking explore our website.

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