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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Article 1. Applicability

1.1. Visitors at any time are free to visit the website of Smokekid. Registered users have the ability to contribute to the website through their profiles and blogs/recipes.
1.2. Visitor refers to any visitor of our website.
1.3. A registered user is defined by the user whose first and last name and a valid e-mail address at least are known. Providing personal data is not required/compulsory. You are free to enter the selection of your own personal data. However, in order to be able to make use of a number of our services it is necessary to enter personal data. If the data entry is required it is indicated the information needed to use the service and what information can be provided optionally.

Article 2. Privacy Policy

2.1. Smokekid respects your privacy and ensures that your personal information will remain strictly confidential. All information concerning personal data shall be processed in accordance with the European Legislation and Dutch guidelines. Smokekid secures your personal information from third parties. The information provided by the visitor will be treated confidentially by Smokekid and used for the following purposes: to increase the usability of the website, provide (personalized) offers and promotions or relevant information by Smokekid.
2.2. By using the site of Smokekid the visitor and the user accepts this Privacy Policy. Smokekid reserves the right to modify this privacy policy if changes in European legislation or legal precedent so dictates.

3. Web Statistics

3.1. To analyze the behaviour of visitors Smokekid makes use of Google Analytics. This includes no privacy sensitive data. Smokekid uses these statistics just to keep track of visitors, use the right communication tools and to make the website more user friendly.

4. Copyright

4.1. All texts and images on this website are copyrighted by Smokekid. This means that nothing may be changed in the entire content of our site.

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