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Smoked Cheese

A wide variety of cheeses can be smoked over wood chips to add an extra layer of flavour, although originally the process was developed as a way to preserve cheeses. Cold-smoking is the most common method, but hot-smoked cheeses, are also occasionally found.

Cheeses that are commonly smoked include Cheddar, Cheshire, Gruyère and even some softer cheeses such as Port Salut, Camembert, Brie and Goat Cheese.


  1. Buy some cheese. If you intend smoking a relatively dense cheese (such as Cheddar) it’s best to cut it into strips.
  2. Place the cheese on a plate under a glass bowl. Make sure that there are spaces between each piece, to allow the smoke to pass over all the surfaces.
  3. Fire up your Smokekid (see instruction manual) and place the tube under the bowl. Remove the tube and close the bowl. The amount of smoke required to flavour cheese is minimal. Leave for ten minutes under the bowl.
  4. Remove the cheese from the plate.
  5. Wrap the pieces of cheese in kitchen foil, before leaving the cheese to rest in the fridge, at least overnight. The resting time will allow the smoke flavour to mellow.

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