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Smoketube User Manual

Smoketube User Manual

The Smoketube is an easy tool to add an authentic smoke flavor to bbq or grill dishes.
The Smoketube is excellent for adding a smoke-flavor to meat, fish or shellfish.
You can use different kinds of smokewood but also herbs and spices such as herbs de Provence, rosemary, thyme, oregano, tea, garlic, etc.

The Smoketube is made of stainless steel is 22.5 cm long and has a diameter of 2.7 cm.


• Allow the grill or bbq to come up to temperature.
• Remove the 2 caps.
• Put the Smokechips in the Smoketube.
• Fill the Smoketube up to max 2/3.
• Then dip the Smoketube for a moment in water (as a variation, you can also try sherry or wine).
• Remove the Smoketube from the water and let drain well.
• Place the Smoketube on the grill, charcoal or briquettes, lava stone (see schedule).

• Place the Smoketube as close as possible to the heat source, because a rather high temperature is needed for the Smokechips to smolder. When using a charcoal bbq it is possible to put the Smokechips, wood shavings or wood cubes directly on the hot charcoals, but they’ll burn fast. So it’s preferable to use the Smoketube instead.

• Leave the hood of the bbq or grill closed for about 20-30 minutes or until the Smokechips begin to smolder. The smoke comes out of the holes of the Smoketube making your dishes absorb the smoke aromas. Once the wood chips are smoking, you can adjust the temperature of the grill or bbq to your liking and add the meat or fish.
• The Smoketube is very hot! Don’t touch it with your hands and leave it in the fire.

Cleaning the Smoketube:

• First, after smoking allow the Smoketube to cool!
• Remove the caps and beat the Smokekid empty.
• Place the Smoketube in the dishwasher and the caps in a rack of the dishwasher.
• After smoking The Smoketube gets a golden patina. This does not affect the efficiency of the Smoketube. If you want you can remove it with steel wool or a scouring pad in combination with an abrasive cleaner.

Look for the kind of smokeflavour you want to add to chicken, lamb, beef, shrimps or fish in our assortment of Smokechips. From time to time we add new products and recipes to our web site, so watch our website and news.

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