Smokekid, Amstelveen, The Netherlands

Smoky Sea Salt

Smoky Sea Salt

After buying a Smokekid I wanted to try various recipes. I added smoke flavour to a number of ingredients  that I want to share with you….

I started with Sea Salt. I bought it in Brittany a while ago ( Sel de Guerande) and someone tipped me how easy it is to add a smoky flavour to it.

Just take a ziplock bag, fill it up to 25% with salt and  partly close it. The bigger the bag, the more intense the flavour. Fill the Smokekid with hickory- or oak chips; light it and  blow the smoke in the ziplock bag, remove the Smokekid and and lock the bag. Keep the smoke in the bag for app. 3-4 minutes while now and then shaking it.  Store the salt in a glass jar. 

Sprinkle it over your favourite dishes like salads, fish, scallops, meat…whatever. I made myself a light lunch with an avocado, a bit of lime juice , olive oil, pepper and  a bit of “smoky” salt.  A mild smoky sent and flavour while enjoying it. Super! 


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